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Dental Matters

Torrensville SA, Australia

At Dental Matters, we’re more than just fixing teeth. We’re about giving personalised care.

When Patients walk into our dental practice, our goal is to make them feel like they’re the only patient in our clinic! From waiting at the reception to sitting in the dental chair, they'll have a warm, professional approach from all our staff.

We take pride in giving our patients the best experience during their visit. From the ample parking to serving you tea and coffee the moment they walk in, we want them to have an easy time at our practice.

Our dentists love talking! So we always explain their treatment options to them and talk them through what’s going on thoroughly.

We provide treatments that are beneficial for them and customise treatments to what they really need. We don’t believe in pushing products that aren’t necessary.

We understand that having teeth problems can bring serious physical and emotional pain, and we’re here to help our patients feel better. We aim to protect and save their teeth so that they are able to eat and smile again.

We offer time-saving services such as same-day crowns so that patients spend less time in at the Practice and less time off work.

Our practice is designed with state-of-the-art equipment to help provide better treatment. 

We have an in-house specialist that can provide a second opinion for all our treatments. So patients feel secure knowing the treatment is the right one.